Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cantigny Park

 This summer has seriously been passing at lightning speed!  We are barely holding it together, but having so much fun in the process!  We've had a great 4th of July week, with a lot of friends, family, bar-b-ques, parks, bike rides the zoo and swimming.  Tonight we ended with our first 6 person, family bike ride.  We had Ella on the trail-along, the youngest two in the Burley and the rest of us on bikes.  We rode to Chipotle for dinner and then back.  Seriously, so much fun!  My 5 year old trailer talked my ear off the WHOLE time and made me laugh pretty hard.  "Mom, what are you thinking about?  I'm thinking about how Lalaloopsys are real."  Or, "Mom, I now have a pool pass card, a library card, but when am I going to get a Target card?"  Good try Ella!!!

These first two are of our bike riders.  Our kids ride their bikes everyday!  We also only had a scooter thing for Everett and we had fights for the bikes.  We finally remedied that this week, Deli has a new bike and has passed this one on to  Everett.  Win, win for everyone.  (These shots were early morning, still in pajamas shots).
 This past week we went to Cantigny park, which is close to our house.  They have a bunch of "retired" tanks there for the kids to climb and play on.  They also have a couple of museums, a lot of gardens and great hiking paths.  We spent a good part of the day there and had a great time.
 Just hanging on the tanks.
 Still waking up from his nap in the car and supervising the action.
 Kids missed the memo to smile and look at the camera, good try anyway!
 Kids checking out the koi pond. 
 Overlooking the peace garden.

 Enjoying the fountains of the rose garden.
I'll have to post more pictures of the rest of the summer later, but this is one day where the camera actually accompanied our adventure, which is sometimes an accomplishment for me!


Elizabeth Wilson said...

This makes me feel better that I left just last week...not. I love these little kids so much! Save some fun stuff to do for while I'm there!

Mom/Mari-Lynn said...

Our Stark family is getting older! Doing older fun. I love you all so much! The cutest kids ever! We miss you!!

Lauren said...

SO fun! LOVE the pictures and LOVE that Ella asked for a Target card :) This makes me SO excited for when we come and visit you guys soon! Can't wait!